Joewell Motion Shears

From Japan, a professional cutting tool that features detachable finger rest, adjustable screw for accurate tension control, offers nimble handling and remarkable cutting ability.

  • $230.00
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Product Features:

  • Joewell's standard edge blade: The original blade design mastered by Joewell. It's everything one could possibly ask for in a Joewell.
  • Offset handle: A newer handle design for stylists who use the ring finger to hold the shear. The shorter thumb handle reduces over-extension of the thumb. This design allows you to cut with a more open hand.
  • Adjustable screw tension system: Adjustable screw is a sophisticated tool by its own. It sets, controls, and stabilizes the tension at all time with exact accuracy.
  • Removable finger rest, Liquid silver finish, Available in 2 sizes: 5.0" and 5.5"

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