Miley Cyrus Elegant Side-parted Ponytail Hairstyle

Posted by kelly on Fri, Apr 10th, 2009
Miley Cyrus Elegant Side-parted Ponytail Hairstyle
Kim Kardashian's Long Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Lily Collins' Romantic Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Megan Fox's Sexy Long Brunette Waves
Kiernan Shipka's Massive Top Knot
Dakota Fanning's Sleek Straight Long Haircut
Jessie J’s Long Straight Haircut With Bangs
Taylor Swift's Long Straight Haircut With Blunt Bangs
Angelina Jolie's Glossy Loose Curls
Rihanna's Long Straight Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Lovely Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle
Kate Middleton’s Braided Updo Hairstyle
Nina Dobrev's Long Luscious Waves
Reese Witherspoon's Lovely Ponytail
Emma Stone's Long Blonde Hairstyle
Ashley Tisdale's Long Straight Hair with Pink/Purple Streak
Selena Gomez's Flirty Side-Swept Waves
Jessica Alba's Gorgeous Long Wavy Hairstyle
Katy Perry's Sleek Updo Hairstyle with Gold Hair Band
Jessica Alba’s Center-Parted Simple Ponytail
Ashley Tisdale’s Straight Hairstyle with Purple Highlights
Hayden Panettiere's Long Wavy Hair Style
Jessica Biel’s Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs
Taylor Swift’s Intricate Updo
Megan Fox’s Glossy Wavy Hairstyle
Eva Longoria’s Long Straight Hairstyle
Sandra Bullock's beachy waves
Khloe Kardashian's mermaid ombre do
Selma Hayak's bouncy long hairstyle
Katie Holmes' layered long hair with bangs
Alejandra Espinoza's Ombre Waves
Selena Gomez's Puffed up Pony
Audrina Patridges fishtail braid crossed with mohawk
Shay Mitchell's sexy ponytail
Behati Prinsloo supermodel's bangs
Lorde's Sophisticated Side Hairstyle
'Goossip Girl' Blake Lively's Ponytail Hairstyle
Leighton Meester's High Updo Hairstyle
Bar Refaeli's High Ponytail Hairstyle
Leona Lewis's High Tight Hairstyle
Angelina Jolie's Long Straight Hairstyle
Nicole Kidman's Side Low Bun Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez's Unfinished Updo Hairstyle
Nicole Kidman's Updo Hairstyle with Curls
Celine Dion's Long, Wavy Hairstyle
Mila Kunis' Long Tousled Curls
Miranda Kerr's smooth Top-knot
Miranda Kerr's Chic Updo
Miranda Kerr's Layered Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Brunette Straight Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Blonde Locks
Miranda Kerr's Classic Wavy Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Sleek, Elegant Low Bun
Jessica Simpson's New Haircolor: Blond or Redish
Jessica Simpson 'By the Sea' Look
Stacy Keibler Hairstyle
Amerie Hairstyle
Dana Workman Hairstyle
Zelda Williams Short Hairstyle
What's Her Best Look?
Torrie Wilson's Straight Hairstyle
Hilary Duff's Hairstyle
Erica Durance's Long Curly Hair Cut
Halle Berry's Piece-y Bangs Hairstyle
Beyonce's Easy Hairstyle
Mischa Barton's Hairstyle
Miley Cyrus' Cute Braided Hairstyle
Lady Gaga's High Pony With Black Bangs
Vanessa Hudgens' Loose Wavy Hairstyle
Melanie Lynskey Short Hairstyle
Hailee Steinfeld's Long Hair with Fun Braid
Ariel Winter's Smooth and Sleek Ponytail
Emmy Rossum's Elegant Wavy Updo
Ashley Greene's  Long, Voluminous Hairstyle
Kelly Clarkson Hairstyle
Kate Hudson Long Hairstyle
Beyonce Long Curly Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Long  Curly Blonde Hairstyle
Corinne Bailey Rae's Short Curly Hairstyle
KT Tunstall's Medium Haircut
Maria Menoun Medium Hairstyle
Petra Nemcova's Long Curly Hairstyle
Beyonce Knowles' Hairstyle at 79th Oscar
Gwyneth Paltrowt Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Helen Mirren's Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Jennifer Lopez's Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Nicole Kidman's Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Reese Witherspoon's Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Adrienne Janic Long Curly Hairstyle
Shakira's Curly Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez's Long Hairstyle
Sienna Miller's Short Haircut
Cassie's Long Curly Hairstyle
Jessica Simpson's Long Curly Hairstyle
Jennifer Aniston's Straight Hairstyle
Eva Longoria's Shoulder Length Hairstyle
Aishwarya Rai
Elsa Benitez
Courteney Cox Arquette Black Hairstyle
Pen''lope Cruz and Ellen Pompeo wiht Long Straight Hairstyle
Kimberly Stewart and Paris Hilton with Loose Wispy Bangs
Jennifer Aniston's Straight Hairstyle
Kelly Clarkson Hairstyle
Beyonce Knowles' Hairstyle at 79th Oscar
Reese Witherspoon's Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Gwyneth Paltrowt Hairstyle at Oscar 2007
Lindsay Lohan Curly Hairstyle
Katharine McPhee's Sexy Wavy and Curly Hairstyle
Kate Hudson Long Hairstyle
Torrie Wilson's Straight Hairstyle
Avril Lavigne's Colorful Hairstyle
Cameron Diaz with Blond Medium Hairstyle
Eva Longoria Parker's Long Curly Hairstyle
Brooke Burns' Blond Hairstyle
Bai Ling with Straight Hair
Diablo Cody's Medium Hairstyle
Soleil Moon Frye with Straighte Hair
Sarah Michelle Gellar with French Braids
Diane Kruger with Headband
Gwyneth Paltrow at Cannes Film Festival 2008
Natalie Portman at Cannes Film Festival 2008
Madonna at Cannes Film Festival 2008
Kelly Ripa with Breezy side ponytail
Rachel Bilson with faux bob
Blake Lively's Braid Updo at Teen Choice Awards 2008
Selena Gomez - 2008 ALMA Awards
Jennifer Lopez Gets Fashion Fierce
Sarah Jessica Parker is Balmain Beautiful
Beyonce is Skintight Sexy
Nicole Kidman's Hairstyle
Courteney Cox's Sleek Side Bun
Nicole Kidman with Updo Hairstyle
Evan Rachel Wood - Critics' Choice Awards 2009
Angleina Jolie Hits 2009 Critics' Choice Awards
Jessica Alba's Medium Hairstyle
Rosario Dawson's Long Hairstyle
Beyonce's Look
First Lady Michelle Obama's Medium Length Hairstyle
Jennifer Aniston High Ponytail Hairstyle
Hilary Duff with Messy Updos Hairstyle at 2009 Fashion Show
Taylor Momsen's Shoulder Length Hairstyle
Diane Kruger's Braided Hairstyle
Malin Akerman Loose Low Bun Hairstyle
Penelope Cruz High Updo with Bangs
Charlize Theron's Elegant Chignon Hairstyle
Taylor Swift Elegant Low Chignon Hairstyle
Aishwarya Rai with Elegant Updo Hairstyle
Lady GaGa Hight Ponytail with Bangs
Miley Cyrus Elegant Side-parted Ponytail Hairstyle
Cassie Ventura Shaved Half Her Head
Mischa Barton Elegant Twist Hairstyle with Bangs
Hilary Duff with Elegant Low Ponytail Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez High Elegant Chignon with Bangs
Zhang Ziyi Elegant Updo Hairstyle with Hair Band
Ashley Olsen's Loose Low Updo Hairstyle
Taylor Swift's Elegant Chignon Hairstyle at CMT Music Awards
Katherine Heigl's Elegant Updo Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez's High Updo with Braid Hairstyle
Sandra Bullock's Messy Ponytail Hairstyle
Eva Longoria Parker's Casual Low Ponytail Hairstyle
Selena Gomez's Sleek, Long Layered Hairstyle
Mila Kunis's Elegant Low Updo Hairstyle with Wave
Kate Beckinsale's Elegant Low Updo Hairstyle
Shenae Grimes's Side Swept Elegant Chignon Hairstyle
Kristen Bell's Low Updo with Braid Hairstyle
Jessica Simpson's Side Swept Updo Hairstyle
Bar Refaeli's Laid Back Luxe Hairstyle
Evan Rachel Wood's Elegant Volume Hairstyle
Cameron Diaz's High Updo Hairstyle
Diane Kruger's Side Updo Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale's Bun Updo Hairstyle
Natalie Portman's Low Bun Updo Hairstyle
Jada Pinkett's High Updo Hairstyle
Olivia Wilde's Hight Updo Hairstyle at 2010 People's Choice Awards
Taylor Swift's Elegant Chignon Hairstyle with Waves at 2010 People's Choice Awards
Diane Kruger's Elegant Chignon Hairstyle with Hair Accessories
Dita Von Teese's High Updo Hairstyle
Penelope Cruz's Side Low Bun Hairstyle
Bryce Dallas Howard's Fringe Hairstyle
Olivia Munn's Side Low Bun Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Hairstyle at the Super Bowl 2010
Hairstyles of "Valentine's Day" Ladies
Kim Kardashian's Long Black Straight Hairstyle
Elizabeth Hurley's Long Highlighted Hairstyle
Camilla Belle's Low Bun Updo Hairstyle
Anna Kendrick's Pulled-back Updo Hairstyle
Amanda Seyfried's Low Bun with Waves Hairstyle
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Cute Updo Hairstyle with Bangs
Shenae Grimes's French Chignon Hairstyle
Hilary Duff's Pulled-back Updo Hairstyle
Jessica Simpson's Sexy Hairstyle
Kristen Bell's Low Ponytail Hairstyle
Jessica Lowndes's Long Updo Hairstyle
Alicia Keys' Long Curly Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Elegant Updo Hairstyle
Jennifer Aniston's Asymmetrical Ponytail Hairstyle
Christina and Gaga's Curly Hairstyles with Side-Swept Bangs
Pilar Lopez's Long Side-swept Summer Hairstyle
Heather Locklear's Soft Light Blonde Hairstyle
Kristin Cavallari's Brushed Back Long Hairstyle
Paris Hilton's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Brandy's Black Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs
Katy Perry's Black Straight Hairstyle with Bangs
Mariah Carey's Long Layered Wavy Hairstyle
Miley Cyrus' Sexy Long Hairstyle
Lindsay Lohan's Long Red Hairstyle
Kristen Stewart's Braided Updo Hairstyle
Blake Lively's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Kristen Bell's Braided Hairstyle
Carmen Electra's Long Straight Hairstyle
Audrina Patridge's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Miranda  kerr's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Sleek Blonde Ponytail
Carrie Underwood's Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
Carrie Underwood's Straight Hairstyle with Bangs
Amelia Vega's Braided Ponytail
Jacqueline Bracamon's Curly Hairstyle
Angelina Jolie's Intricate Updo
Jennifer Garner's Princess Hairstyle with a Tiara
Taylor Swift's Side-swept Curly Hairstyle
Taylor Swift's Super Straight Hairstyle
Taylor Swift's Ponytail  With A Headband
Taylor Swift's Smooth Updo Hairstyle
Taylor Swift's Messy Updo
Taylor Swift's Brown Spiral Curls
Taylor Momsen's Long Blonde Hair
Sharni Vinson's Long Curls
Julia Roberts Long Wavy Hairstyle
Daniela Ruah's Medium Hairstyle
Spain's Princess Letizia's Long Straight Hairstyle
Angelina Jolie's Straight Hair With Volume
Drew Barrymore's Two-toned Locks
Christina Applegate's Elegant Chignon
Jennifer Stone's Braided Hairstyle
Stephanie Pratt's Blonde Curly Hairstyle
Kate Beckinsale's Voluminous Pigtail
Kelli Garner's Top-Knot
Drew Barrymore Long, Wavy Hairstyle
Jessica Alba's Sleek Ponytail
Violante Placido's Wavy Hairstyle
Monica Cruz's Long Brunette Hairstyle
Holly Willoughby's Long Layered Hairstyle
Sammy Winward's Center Part Long Curls
Paz Vega's Long Side  Parted Curls
Vanessa Hudgens' Loose Curls
Rachel Bilson's Ombre Toned Hairstyle
America Ferrera's Long Curly Hairstyle
Christina Aguilera's Platinum Wavy Hairstyle
America Ferrera's Sleek Straight Hairstyle
Kate Hudson's Romantic Long Wavy Hairstyle
Katy Perry's Elegant Ponytail
America Ferrera's Updo
Blake Lively's Ponytail
Jessica Simpson's Sleek Ponytail
Eva Mendes's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Reese Witherspoon Long Hairstyle
Eva Longoria Parker's Loose Bun
Sarah Jessica Parker's Polished, Wavy Hairstyle
Christina Ricci's Long Hairstyle With Bangs
Kim Kardashian's Sleek Braided Hairstyle
Demi Lovato's Retro Wavy Hairstyle
Taylor Swift's Wavy Hairstyle
Eva Mendes's Wavy Hairstyle
Lauren Conrad's Funky, Romantic Updo
Hilary Duff's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Demi Lovato's Sophisticated Updo Hairstyle
Kate Hudson's Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
Eva Longoria Parker's Side Swept Curls
Eva Mendes's Side-Swept Wavy Hairstyle
Whitney Port's Braided Hairstyle
Jessica Simpson's Big Side Braid Hairstyle
Jessica Biel's Newly Brunette Wavy Hairstyle
Christina Ricci's Elegant Updo Hairstyle
Katy Perry's Side-Swept Curly Hairstyle
Nicole Scherzinger's Funky, One-of-a-kind Hairstyle
Jennifer Lopez's Long Brunette Hairstyle
Leighton Meester's Brunette Long Waves
Ke$ha's High Ponytail Hairstyle
Angelina Jolie's Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
Eva Longoria's Half-up, Half-down Hairstyle
Kristen Stewart 's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Ellen Pompeo's Sleek Ponytail with Bangs
Ashley Tisdale's Wavy Updo
Demi Moore's Loose Updo Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's smooth Top-knot
Miranda Kerr's Chic Updo
Miranda Kerr's Layered Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Brunette Straight Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Classic Wavy Hairstyle
Miranda Kerr's Blonde Locks
Paris Hilton's Sexy Blonde Wavy Hairstyle
Leighton Meester's Straight Brunette Hairstyle
Cameron Diaz's Long, Wavy Hairstyle
Blake Lively's Messy Bun Hairstyle
Paris Hilton's Sleek High Updo
Reese Witherspoon's Elegant Updo Hairstyle
Anna Kendrick's Long Wavy Hairstyle
Lauren Conrad's Sleek Updo
Emma Stone's Messy Updo
Kelly Osbourne's Ponytail Hairstyle
Angelina Jolie's Sexy Ponytail Hairstyle
Bar Refaeli's Sleek Ponytail
Kim Kardashian's Elegant Wavy Hairstyle
Tulisa Contostavlos's Retro Updo Hairstyle
Kim Kardashian's Sleek Center-Parted Low Bun
Pixie Lott's Plaited Headband Hairstyle
Olivia Wilde's Cute, Messy Ponytail
Kate Winslet's Ponytail Hairstyle
Blake Lively's Tousled Braided Hairstyle
Nicole Kidman's Sexy Ponytail with Bangs
Katie Holmes' Long Straight Hairstyle
Julia Roberts'  Casual Bun Hairstyle
Anne Hathaway's Sweet Wavy Hairstyle
Leighton Meester's Sexy New Hairstyle with Bangs
Blake Lively's Braided Updo
Selena Gomez's Glossy, Sweet Curls
Jessica Alba's Voluminous Updo Hairstyle
Olivia Wilde's Long, Sleek Straight Hairstyle with Bangs
Olivia Wilde's Striking Ponytail Hairstyle
Kelly Rowland's Voluminous Hairstyle
Nicole Richie's Boho Chic Hairstyle
Charlize Theron's Beautiful French Twist
Lily Collins' Audery Hurburn-Inspired Updo
Beyonce Knowles' Sexy Braided Hairstyle
Kelly Brook's Bouncy Brunette Curls
Taylor Swift's Romantic Bun Hairstyle
Fergie's Sleek Updo Hairstyle
Amanda Seyfried's Shiny Loose Curls
Selena Gomez Dazzled With Glossy Curls at 2011 AMA
Olivia Wilde's Headband Bun Hairstyle
Gwen Stefani Rocks Twisted Top Knot To MOCA Gala
Kristin Davis' Bouncy Curls
Chloe Moretz's Loose Updo Hairstyle
Victoria Beckham's Sexy Low Bun
Jessica Alba's Sweet Wavy Updo
Lea Seydoux Rocks Chic, Messy Side Braid
Kaley Cuoco's Multiple Knotted Buns
Anne Hathaway's Classic Updo Hairstyle
Sandra Bullock's Sexy Sleek Hairstyle
Chloe Moretz's Loose Curly Bun With Butterfly Hair Clip
Jessica Alba's Classic Bun


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Tue, Apr 28th, 2009, by miriam
she looks really good and it suits her well she the best
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