My Favorite Blake Lively Hairstyles

Posted by Jackie Lilith on Mon, May 23rd, 2011
Are you a fan of Blake Lively? I am! Ever since Miss Blake Lively playing a starring role on "Gossip Girl", I fall for her lovely fashion style and trademark long, bouncy curls. Her hair has even been nicknamed as the 'Blake' hairstyle, which features long, thick, flowing waves down her waist and incredible shine. It just defines her name ' lively!

Usually Blake Lively just wears her mane down and unfettered for a natural, free spirit, but she has also tried styling her tresses in different 'dos on different occasions. Here are some of my favorite Blake hairstyles through the years. What's your opinion?

Cascading curls
This is the typical way Blake wears her tresses, but the shapes of curls vary.

Straight hair
The gal also had her mane tamed and straightened in some occasions. 

Side pony
No matter straight or wavy, Blake really likes to hang her hair down one side, even when styled in a pony.

Low chignons
Low chignons are also one of Blake's favorite choices.

I love to see her wearing braids, so girly and flirty.

Blonde vs. red
For her new role as a Nebraska redhead in the film "Hick", Blake went red in April 2011. Some love her new hue while some don't. What do you think?

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