Personna'' Pirouette Razor Kit

Designed to easily blend, texturize, layer, detail and sculpt any length of hair. This easy breezy razor is sleek and ergonomic, weighs less than an ounce! Includes fine, medium and wide design guards, plus blade lock for freestyle cutting and five Personna Shaper Blades.

Pirouette is the lively little razor that does it all, especially created for the professional hair stylist who wants effortless cutting. Pirouette makes razor cutting a whirl for any professional stylist. From its sleekly sculpted handle to its balanced shaft, the ergonomic Pirouette was designed to fly through the hair with ease. Choose from one of three different design guards for controlled cutting or go without for total freedom.
  1. Blending (Fine) - For minimal hair removal and added volume.
  2. Texturizing (Medium) - For notching and texturizing.
  3. Special Effects (Wide) - For chunking and serious texturizing.
  4. Freehand (Blade Lock) - For advanced, "do anything" shaping, when no design guards is desired.

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