Sexy Hair in the City

Posted by kelly on Wed, Jun 11th, 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker's got the amazing long locks in messy but intentional curls as a base for the hat. She didn't try to overdo it with some crazy style, but kept it simple.

Hair looks soft and breezy, touchable 'low maintenance (even though it's not!). The make-up is clean and fresh and balances out the overall look.

Her oval shaped face allows her to pull off a lot of different looks and styles, and this one makes the cut too. Does you want wear her hairstyle too? Discuss about how to get this hairstyle.

The idea of her style was to sweep it up and back off her beautiful face, but the effect the style had was to make it look like she has very little hair ' an industry no-no.

But the style looks flat. And not like it was slicked back for a more Cosmopolitan appearance, but just plain old flat. Very thin wispy bangs in a shade close to that of her skin tone makes the hair look transparentacross her forehead.

Maybe next time! At least her make-up looks perfect.

She always looks classically beautiful, and it comes from keeping her locks healthy and simply styled.

Long hair takes a long time to do.

Her lush long brown mane is perfect for her personal style and face shape. Having all her hair down and curled loosely makes her look romantic.

And last, Cynthia Nixon. The color of her hair suits her skin tone, and the length shows off her fantastic face.

Her style for the day was simple and understated. Love how she kept the make-up simple. Her eyes are clearly defined and the clean look is working for her just like it is for Kristin.

Even though there isn't a lot of volume in the top of her hairstyle, the back is curled loosely and gives it more fullness. It looks soft and feminine ' very sweet. A+ for Cynthia!

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