Jenny's Short Haircut

Posted by HairLady on Fri, May 19th, 2006
Jenny's Short Haircut

Tools you will need:

  1. Soft 'N Style The Hair Colorists Tool Kit
    One Tint Bowl
    One Dye Brush (Applicator color tool)
    One Dye Brush (Long Tail)
    One 3-in-1 Coloring Tool
    One Jumbo Rake Comb
    Three Long Jumbo Hair Clips
  2. Scissors
  3. Comb

Color :

  1. Section out circle in top crown.
  2. Brush on color one shade lighter than natural color, painting from ear to ear.
  3. Apply shadow color (tint retouch) in vertical panels. Still using darker color, work from back to ears.
  4. Create large crescent shape in nape. Pull color through ends.
  1. Take central vertical parting in back to work both sides. Work each subsection with zigzag partings.
  2. Paint on color freehand with paddle to create more visual texture through back. Continue working up, closing off back section.
  3. Inside circle section, pull color through with slice. Alternate dark and light colors.


  1. Take radical section from high recession to high recession. Subsection hair on top.
  2. Comb all hair down to natural fall. Take central vertical section sown to nape. Take horizontal section to top of ears. With central vertical section, comb everything out at 90-degree angle and work out head shape. For last section, overdirect hair back and out to 45-degree angle to maintain corners.
  3. Drop everything down to guide, combing all to natural fall. With previous cut as guide, work horizontally. Point-cut length at least half inch of scissors' depth.
  4. Comb everything down to depth of one finger around perimeter, point-cut for balance.
  1. Drop subsection on top. Take radical section from ear, combing everything to 90-degree angle. Overdirect at 90-degree angle, work a pie shape from ear to ear. Using guide from crown, take central vertical section at 90-degree angle straight to hairline. Overdirect 90 degrees at hairline, using half-length of blades and point-cutting guide in.
  2. Take two more subsections on each side of profile line to widen guide, checking for balance. Take diagonal back sections one inch into hairline. Elevate out at 45 degrees, point-cut off corner. Check for balance.
  3. Point-cut fringe to eliminate weight and add texture. Check for balance.

This style can be found in Technical Volume 2!

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Comments on Jenny's Short Haircut

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Sat, Apr 9th, 2011, by annie
Very suitable for most age groups. Sassy!!!!
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Sat, Mar 29th, 2008, by Anonymous
makes her face look slimmer and more pixie like =) beautiful!
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Mon, Mar 10th, 2008, by Eric
A lovely, short, sassy, end result, love it!!!
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Renee McKeehan
Mon, Apr 30th, 2007, by Renee McKeehan
I am a disabled hairstylist. I have been out of style and I am going to try this style. Thanks!
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Mon, Apr 23rd, 2007, by peetrass
good job i amvery impresiv
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