Summer Haircut Idea: Rihanna's Sexy Red Hair

Posted by Rosa Patriller on Wed, Jul 6th, 2011
Tired of a plain 'do and want to go wild and make a statement this summer? Dye your hair red! Hot, fiery, sexy! Red hair is always a great choice to turn heads with less effort.
From long to short, straight to wavy, Rihanna - the most famous redhead celeb - demonstrates how to pull off all kinds of red haircuts and styles with confidence and charm. Check them out and pick the ones you would love to try.

Edgy Undercuts with Bangs

Sharp, edgy undercuts go best with the fiery red hue. Remember what a stir RiRi arose when she debut her new color in this cool, sharp style in 2005? Buzzed on the sides, it looked all the way edgy and funky with wispy, eyebrow-skimming bangs adding an extra playful touch. Later she updated this haircut with thicker and longer side-swept bangs for more feminine effect. Both versions look fab and hot on her.

Do experiment with this edgy cut in red if you are bold enough. It will create a brand new, wild and sexy you!

Voguish Bobs


Bobs are constantly on-trend and red hue just boosts their stylish glam. The polished straight bob flatters RiRi's features, as the vertical strands make her face look longer and slimmer and showcase her long neck. The messy wavy bob is just so casual and breezy and brings out dashing spirit. It was the perfect compliment to her man tailored white suit.

These two bobs are both easy to style and require low maintenance - a great option to look cool and chic in summer.

Bouncy Spiral Curls

Oh you can't miss the great drama. Nothing can be spicier than a redhead full of spiral curls. A flurry of ringlets in 80's style brings out ultimate sweet, ravishing glamor while center-parted flowing curls look super luscious and feminine, needless to mention how fiercely hot a huge, frizzed-out afro could be.

Body and bounce are the key aim of these spiral curls. Use spring curling irons of different barrel sizes to create them, and don't forget to apply moisturizing spray to add gloss and shine.

Delicate Long, Smooth Strands


Red hair could be delicate and graceful, too! Wearing long, smooth strands down will perfectly meet that goal. RiRi looked beautiful and stylish with long, sleek straight hair  hanging down her shoulders, and she was soft and sweet like a mermaid with waist-length cascading waves!

Straight or wavy, the key trick here is to make a side part that flatters your face shape and let your strands fall down naturally.

Girly Fishtail Braids 


Want to keep long strands but can't stand the heat? Plait them in a side braid! Braids help you stay cool in hot summer days while giving all your outfits a youthful, lively edge.
With loose, wavy bangs adding flirty, romantic flair, RiRi's messy fishtail braid (left) looks fresh and flirty. At 2011 MET Gala, she come up with another plait with more effort and creativity, making two small and fine braids at her hairline connected into one long braid flinging over her shoulder. RiRi proves that there is really a lot you can do with a red plait to look chic and girly.

So don't hesitate! Steal one of the above hairstyles and be a sexy redhead babe like RiRi this summer!

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Jason M.
Mon, Jul 11th, 2011, by Jason M.
seems that she's become more lady like...
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