The Many Hairstyles of Trendsetter Victoria Beckham

Posted by Hairguy on Mon, Sep 6th, 2010
Super hot Victoria Beckham is the pinnacle of fashion, always ensuring that women everywhere can look to her when it comes to the newest fashion trends. Her changing hairstyle is one area where she is definitely a trendsetter.

Throughout Victoria's career as pop icon, fashion designer and wife of the equally famous footballer David Beckham, she has always been willing to take bold risks when it comes to hairstyling. She has run the gamut of colours almost at a whim, added long extensions and recently going with a risky pixie haircut.

Looking back at Victoria's hairstyle transformation should be more than enough to convince anyone to take a risk and tryout a totally different hairstyle that will make them look simply fabulous.

At the beginning of Victoria's superstar career and into the early 2000's, she was most often seen with some type of long hairstyle. Using waves and hair highlights in a fantastic combination her hair was always superb and it managed to highlight her best features. With the extra-long hair extensions that many other women may have found risky she was able to achieve an ultra-feminine look that was the envy of women.

Around 2006 Victoria Beckham was appearing all over the world in photo's, fashion magazines and papers. It was then that she began to change herself from merely fashionable to trendsetter. Starting with a traditional bob cut she added some personal flair to the formerly tired hairstyle. Almost overnight women were heading to the nearest salon to get 'Posh's Bob' or more simply a 'Pob' hoping to copy the simple and sexy new style.

Almost immediately after creating a new fashion Victoria reinvented her Pob. Changing to a hot concave bob with carefully textured layers, as well as long side bangs, she once more set off a hairstyle frenzy which ensured she stayed at the forefront of glamor and fashion.

Most recently Victoria has taken a new hairstyle that really highlights her features, the pixie haircut. Like the bob this look had been out in the wilderness, but Victoria's beautiful lines really shine with this hairstyle. When the trendsetter was seen with the pixie hairstyle, hair salons prepared for the inevitable wave of customers wanting to fit in with the newest fashion sensation.

Whether its long and straight, wavy, curled, short or highlighted Victoria's hairstyle has always been at the head of fashion and is a must see for any true fashion lover.

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