Are You Ready to Go Edgy?

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Oct 24th, 2007
Step out of the box with an ultra-edgy look.
Stripe It Rich
Pin-up pretty
White lightning

Stripe It Rich
Streak a fluid cut with a smattering of color to take blonde boldly where it hasn't gone before. A sharply angled fringe acts as an anchor for color change because the darker glazed shades look different each time fringe shifts.

Pin-up Pretty
What's old is new again with a retro-glam' do. Swap the sleek bob for plumped up texture on the sides, using a large-barrel iron. Work from underlayers toward the top, turning ends under more each time you move up. Stop near the temples to keep the crown and fringe extra smooth, and top it all off with shine spray.

White Lightning
Pure white that's glossed with a hit of silver revs up a mod, blunt bob. The color will stay fresh with color care products. Better yet, try an at-home clear glaze to seal in the shine.

Play Date
Rough It Up
Spiced Punch

Play Date
For a fast change that shows off texture, clip on a faux piece or take the time to flat iron ends in back. Pin them up and splay them out, detailing ends even more with a touch of styling wax.

Rough It Up
Max-out natural curl and then some by having hair cut into short layers all around. Gold and copper tones meld into one another when you twist pieces as you diffuse hair dry. To finish, work in a molding wax to rough-style strands, taking some areas fuller than others.

Spiced Punch
Get funky by pairing chunky slices of warm and cool blondes, balanced by dark brunette as the base. If the darkest shade is your natural one, you won't have to worry about roots. Lighter streaks at the sides and in the fringe add flair to short layers.

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