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super short means WHAT?


Posted by arachni_name at Sun, Jan 22nd, 2012

I cut my hair really,really, short after having my hair long for my whole life.(Im 40!)    The responses were CRAZY! ALL THE MEN I KNOW HATED IT AND SAID I LOOKED LIKE "A DIKE"! (THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!)but,Im divorced and I wouldn't mind looking approacable, what should I feel or do? I LOVE THE HAIR!! ITS FUN AND SO NICE TO TOUCH ! Should I listen to the "boys"or all the girls who say they wish they had the guts to do it too?

                                                        Don't know how short!

  • zanusa

    Posted by zanusa at Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

    Well its not the hair length that gives a dike look. Its the total picture of you. I always wear feminine clothes with my short hair,skirts and dresses,and even skirts,    a nice bag and heels , some earrings that will be seen , not hiding my face behind hairs and layers of makeup.And no guy ever told me I look like a dike .unfortunately the photo upload here doesn't work or I could you .And yes    most guys like long hair , but they are plenty of them who don't mind the shorthair look. You will be taken more serious and be attached by a better kind of guys. Myself I never got compliments of strangers with my shoulder length hair , but with my cheeky short hair I did. Just go for it girl . Zanusa