Best Brunette Shades for Winter

Posted by Maggie on Thu, Nov 13th, 2014
Looking for a fresh colour to welcome the new season? We have a few nice brunette ideas for your convenience so you can look your absolute best this winter.
Why is it worth going darker for winter you might wonder. Let us give you some arguments. First of all, darkening your natural hair colour is much less damaging than the bleaching your strands, so if you just want some change, swing to the darker side to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Darker shades can really enhance your features, creating a more dramatic look, no matter whether your natural skin tone is cool or warm. And research shows that brunettes are thought to be more mysterious, sensitive and smarter, which doesn't hurt for sure.
Convinced yet? If you need some extra encouragement, take a look at the dark haired celebrities and bring a picture of your favourite hue to your salon.
Chestnut brown hair
Olivia chestnut brown hair
Reddish tones look absolutely gorgeous if your hair is brown. They bring out dimension and movement to dark hair and you only need to glimpse at the photo of Olivia Culpo to admit it. If you look at it carefully you might notice a little trick that we recommend to anyone who might be afraid of going through to the dark side. We are talking about the subtle highlights strategically placed around Olivia's face that lighten up her dark mane.
Dark brown hair with mahogany highlights 
Kerry Washington dark brown hair with mahogany highlights
When black is your natural hair colour going lighter might be a very costly and time-consuming affair. But, do not fret, as we have the answer to your troubles. You guessed it: highlights! Choose a colour that complements your skintone and personality. The idea is to bring out the best in your complexion and lighten you up a bit without any drastic changes. Kerry Washington went for strategically placed mahogany highlights and you have to admit that in this case, less is definitely more!
Mahogany ombre blunt lob
Halle Berry Mahogany ombre blunt lob
Although Halle Berry got us used to her pixie haircut, which we absolutely love, she also inspired us with her very recent and very modern blunt lob. What we love even more is how her ends are lightened up to bring out more life into her dark lock. This very subtle ombre hue is a sure winner for any skin tone.
Golden brown bob
Evan Rachel Wood Golden brown bob
Evan Rachel Wood presents the shortest of our brown options here, but we dare say it might actually be the coolest of them all. Her golden brown hair is chopped just beneath the ears with the asymmetric cut that beautifully frames her face and shows off her bone structure. A great style for a fierce and independent woman.

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