Best Lob Haircut For Your Face Shape

Posted by Maggie on Wed, Sep 19th, 2012
The lob haircut (short for “long bob”) is undoubtedly the hairstyle of the moment.
Whether worn up or down, sleek or tousled, this mid-length haircut is very versatile indeed. The most appealing thing about it, however, is that this cut will suit anyone: no matter what your age is or which face shape you have, you are bound to find a perfect lob for you.
Below we rounded up some of the best lob hairstyles that will flatter different face shapes. Check them out and get inspiration for your next new style.

Hayden Panettiere round face shape lob hairstyleIf you have a round face, go for a slimming look, best achieved with sleek hair that will gently frame your face to make it look slightly longer. Side swept bangs or side parting are a must for a round face for the same reason – they will make you look slimmer, trimmer, more sophisticated. Hayden Panettiere rocks it.



Zoe Saldana lob hairstyle for oval face shapeIf you have an oval face, you can count yourself amongst the luckiest. Stylists agree that it is the ideal face shape so you can go for any do you fancy and it will look fab on you. Zoe Saldana demonstrates here how a lob hairstyle can look amazing on an oval face shape girls. With a mass of pinned up curls, she looks absolutely chic and feminine. We especially love how center parting adds a sexy flair to this simple look.



Olivia Wilde  lob hairstyle best for square face shapeSquare faces need soft lines, so forget the straight bangs, please! Bring on some body to your do, fuller hair, soft waves… it will counterbalance the strong lines. For a glimpse of the glamour in mid length take a look at Olivia Wilde here.



Jennifer Aniston lob hairstyle best for heart shaped facesThe best look for heart shaped faces is loads of bounce! Add to it deep side parting, face framing layers or asymmetrical cuts and you will make heads turn. Jennifer Aniston knows how to pull it off and we all love her gorgeous, tousled 'do.




Liv Tyler’s lob hairstyle best for long face shapesIf, like Liv Tyler’s, your face is long, go for layers and or bangs – side swept or blunt, anything will work, the most important is to cover your forehead and make your face optically shorter. You can also achieve the same effect by cutting your lob a bit shorter, an inch or two below your jaw line.




Is there anything more you could wish for? Maybe just for a great stylist who will work their magic to give you this perfect length! The cut here is crucial: too long and it will look messy, too short and you might come off a bit over strong. The golden rule is for hair to touch your collarbone or go just a bit above it.
What do you think of lobs? Share with us your favourite!

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