Best mid-length hairstyles for fine hair

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Nov 20th, 2013

Looking for a perfect do is never easy but for those of us with fine hair it may seem like a mission impossible. But, where there's a will there a way to make your fine hair look fuller without spending a fortune on hair treatments. Read on for some of the most useful tips and hottest hairstyles to make the best out of your fine strands.

Expert layers
Jessica Alba's fine hair stye
When it comes to creating extra volume nothing will substitute well applied layers. Without much effort on your side, they will create an illusion of a full body of hair which is precisely what you are after. If you look at Jessica Alba in our photo you soon realize that what helps even more is a nice blow-out which will really emphasis your layered do. Ready for some layers, then?

Katharine McPhee fine hair

Gone are the days when messy hair was reserved only for the 5 minutes after you woke up. Now you can afford to keep it all day and the good news is that it helps create an illusion of fuller hair. Obviously, try not to go overboard with it, but, as Katharine McPhee shows in our picture, slightly tousled hair carelessly swept to the side the way to go for fine hair.

Deep parting
Georgia May Jagger deep part fine hair
Another useful trick for long or middle length hair is opting for a side parting. But not the sleek kind, as that would make your hair appear even thinner. When you style your hair, use a big round brush or wide rollers and don't forget to tease it a bit before securing it with a touch of hairspray. This will give an impression that there is a lot of going on at the front, as in our photo of Georgia May Jagger. Oh, and our tip is to change the side of your parting every now and again to confuse your hair a bit. Let us know how it works for you!

Tease it
Alexa Chung,

We all shudder at the thought of the horrible 80's tease but, truth be told, it's the quickest way to give your hair more volume. If you keep it simple and contained, tease can be your best friend.  To prove it, we give you Alexa Chung's teased ponytail. Take a look at how it creates loads of body in the back and completely transforms a boring do. Another trick that you can steal from Alexa is leaving a few strands at the front to frame your face and make it seem as if you have loads of hair.

Jessica Pare hairstyle

Avoid poker straight hairstyles as those will ruthlessly reveal to the world the fineness of your hair. Thanks to gentle waves, however, you can create more volume and easily come up with a stylish do. Whether you use a curling iron or rollers, just make sure not to brush your hair too much to leave the curls delicately tousled. And there you go – simple and chic at the same time, like Jessica Pare's do.


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