David Beckham’s Hair Highs and Lows

Posted by Maggie on Thu, Sep 20th, 2012
Is there a sportsman more famous for his style than David Beckham? We think not! Whatever you may think about his skills as a footballer, or how much you want to mock his famous random statements, you have to, really – have to, admit that this guy has an uncanny sense of fashion. But, is he so spot-on when it comes to his hair? He claims himself that his hair is very low maintenance, and that even sometimes he cuts it himself!
Let’s have a look then at how it worked out for him throughout the years. Here is David Beckham’s hair at its high and low.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut
Beckham wasn’t much of a hair trend setter in the early days of his career. We can explain that, though – he was young, inexperienced and lacked the force of inspiration from his wife, the Posh Victoria. And true enough, posh is the last word you could use to describe a few of his early hair dos.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, mohawk
But then he decided on a few experiments - Mohawk was one of the stages he went though. How he managed to keep it up even during his sweatiest games is anyone’s guess.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, pony tail
But later he decided to let his golden mane grow until it was fit to be pulled back, and up, in a ponytail.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut
When in doubt, you can never go wrong with hair accessories. Here he is with a hair band, ain’t that cute?

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, corn rows hairstyle
And here, a step up from a ponytail: corn rows. Really, David, sometimes you just have to say no!

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, short crop
He might have gotten tired with the effort of maintaining elaborate hair styles so after that he went for the timeless short crop.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut
Thank goodness his hair grows so fast, though. Here one of his best styles, we think, natural but a bit scruffy, a good amount of wax is needed to keep it in place, but it sure is worth the effort.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, sleeked back hairstyle
When he’s hair is a bit longer he sometimes combs it back for sleek and sexy look.

 David Beckham’s hairstyle, men haircut, undercuts
Recently, he was seen with very, and I mean extremely short sides. He mentioned that it was dark when he got his hair cut, and there is no reason not to believe him…

We hope you have seen enough to agree that David Beckham is the hair chameleon of the football world. You should give him credit though – although he has had hits and misses, this guy is definitely not afraid to try out anything that strikes his fancy. We’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next. Bring it on, Beckham!

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