Fabulous retro hairstyles from every decade

Posted by Maggie on Fri, Feb 1st, 2013
There's something irresistibly attractive about the vintage hairstyles. Maybe it's the way waves and locks soften your face and make you feel feminine and sexy? Maybe it's the charm of sophisticated up dos that brings to mind glamorous times of before? Whatever it is, there is no doubt that choosing a retro hairstyle will make you feel and look very special, so choose your favourite decade and take a trip down memory lane with our selection of celebrities who rock the retro style.

Roaring '20s
Drew Barrymore's bob
Drew Barrymore's lovely bob proves that short hairstyles can be flirty and feminine. Her '20s inspired length and finger waves lengthen her round face and the hair accessories she opted for, complete the vintage look. This style will look best with simple outfit since it gives you all the adornment you need. 

Romantic '30s
Taylor Swift lovely retro updo hairstyle
This decade was all about the pins and curls. Fortunately, nowadays thanks to the curling irons and hot rollers as well as all sorts of hair products, we can take care of our hair, so that creating the 30s inspired curls takes almost no time and effort. Beautiful Taylor sports 30's inspired pinned up do that would look absolutely gorgeous at a date night. And the best thing is, it suits all face shapes!
Pin up 40s.
Scarlet Johansson's retro hairstyle
Scarlet Johansson's decade of choice was the 40's with it's funky and edgy pin-up girl style dos. They require a bit more effort in preparation, slightly more patience in pinning it together and of course a good hairspray, but the effects are really worth the pain. This hairstyle will accentuate and elongate your face so it's best suited for oval and round faces.

Feminine 50's
Dita Von Tieese trademark retro hairstyles
Dita Von Tieese has made retro her brandmark and we have to admit that this look fits her like a glove. Here, she sports her hair in '50s inspired extra lush mass of locks pinned to one side. This kind of hairstyle is best achieved with the help of rollers, so get them out ladies and transform into a star!
Wild '60s
Adele retro hairstyle
Adele is another big fan of bringing back the past in her hairstyle choices. She looks absolutely fantastic with her huge hair taken straight back from the '60s. Don't be afraid of a little backcombing here – just use a brush instead of a comb and opt for softer texture in place of that stiff head of hair to look more natural. Be aware that this look is over the top, but just enjoy it!

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