It Is The Hair That Makes All The Difference

Posted by Maggie on Fri, Feb 6th, 2015
The beauty of the red carpet is that it allows us to see a plethora of hairstyles that would otherwise be difficult to see on one person. If you are tired with your current hairdo, take a look at what the stars do to spice things up and get inspired!
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is clearly over her pixie phase which has some pros and some cons. On the one hand we all lost an edgy haircut to be inspired with, on the other, we are getting a whole load of wob and mid-length hair-inspiration. 
Her beautiful updo from the recent Producer's Guild Awards is a proof that mid-length hair can be styled in many different ways. The key is to pin up only the bottom part of the hair at the back and use the top to create an illusion of long hair. We love how the few wispy strands surrounds and softens her face.
Jennifer Lawrence different haircut
When she lets her hair down, we can truly appreciate the wob that Jennifer has popularised. The slightly wavy texture, the simple cut with some short layers at the back, and this is all we need to see to know that wobs rule!
Emma Stone
Emma Stone has been quite a hair chameleon recently. The changes that she makes are never totally drastic but definitely noticeable.
With her hair bluntly cut to a just above her collarbone length, for the Golden Globes she opted for a tousled bob with loosely curled ends and a nice side parting slimming out her round face.
Emma Stone different haircut
However, at the SAG red carpet we saw her in a totally transforming do, with her dark auburn hair very neatly swept back in a low ponytail. With that low-key hairdo the whole attention was concentrated on her bold red lips and dark-framed eyes. 
Jennifer Lopez
If you have your doubts that a hairstyle can completely change how a woman looks, we invite you to glance at these two pictures of the glowing goddess, aka Jennifer Lopez. Her make up is almost the same, with nude lips and purple smoky eyes. It is the hair that makes all the difference.
With her expertly highlighted mane worn down, J. Lo looks super hot and sexy. The impression is even more intensified by tonnes of volume in the seemingly carelessly tousled hair that falls down her front and back in lazy waves. A glam version of an out-of-bed style. 
Jennifer Lopez different haircut
The same night during an after party, Jennifer went for an updo, another of her super-skills. Her hair was pulled very high up, although not as high as for one of her famous top-knots. A strand was wrapped around the base of the ponytail and the hair was let out around her face. Heavens only knows how she was able to keep it from falling back, but kudos to her and her stylist for that feat!
Rita Ora
Rita Ora likes to change it up and she's into real extremes.
She can look like a gentle princess from a Disney film. Check out those perfect slightly undone waves, hair lifted at the roots and swept to one shoulder in a cascade of blonds locks. Absolutely stunning, a hair fairy-tale come true.
Rita Ora different haircut
On a different day, however, she can be fierce and strong as evidenced by her epic updo. It's more than a high bun, way more. There is a skilfully wrapped top and, to take it to the next level in hair coolness, there is also the deft mini French-braid at the front. Which side of Rita do you like best?

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