Mid-length hairstyles for every face shape, spring 2014

Posted by Maggie on Tue, Mar 25th, 2014
Spring is THE time to experiment a bit with your hairstyle : your hair is tired after the long winter (dry or split ends are the worst winter side-effect), and no doubt you are tired with your old hairdo.
We know how difficult the decision whether to cut your hair short or not is, so for those of you who hesitate we recommend cutting off just a few inches and taking it from there. If you want to go shorter, check out our ideas for lobs and pixies here.
1.Round face
Emma Stone rpund face shape hairstyle
For those of you with round faces, the biggest issue is no doubt minimising the fullness of the cheeks so that the whole face can appear slimmer and longer. The good news is that longer strands are going to be a great tool to achieve it. You want proof? We give you Emma Stone! Her hair is some good few inches below her jawline, but the most important bit is the layers. You will need them to bring some life to your hair, but not too much body, which would result in your face appearing rounder. Use your side bangs for the best slimming effect, push your hair off your face and there you go: a perfect do for a round face!
2.Square face -Keira Knightley
Square face -Keira Knightley mid-length haircuts
Keira has a classic square face with a prominent jaw line and a wide forehead. Such an angular face  desperately needs softening, so avoid straight hair and visible layers. Keira has got it down, opting for a side part, which breaks the equal lines of her face, and with the soft wave at the ends which evidently softens the harshness of her face, adding loads of femininity. The length is a sure winner as well, since keeping your hair past your shoulders will make your face appear longer. 
3.Oval face – Eva Longoria
Oval face – Eva Longoria mid length hairstyle
If, like Eva, you possess an oval face, you should want to consider yourself really lucky. Oval face, where the forehead and the jaw are more or less the same width and where the cheekbones are the widest part of the face, is considered the shape that agrees with any kid of hairstyle. You might want to give up the idea of bringing loads of volume to the top, which could make your face appear long, but otherwise you're free to experiment. Why not choose bangs and nice and straight strands, like Eva, for the elegant, classic look?
4.Oblong face – Kim Kardashian
Oblong face – Kim Kardashian mid-length haircuts
So, your face is longer than it is wider? With an oblong face shape you want to avoid any kid of hairstyle that will emphasise the length, which can be quite tricky if you want to wear your long hair down. Don't worry, though, it's possible to make it work, just take a page out of Kim's book: soft waves around the face making it appear shorter and wider? Check! Very little volume on top to cut down on the length? Check! And there you go – a recipe for a great hairstyle on an oblong face.
5.Heart shaped face – Kirsten Bell
Heart shaped face – Kirsten Bell mid-length haircuts
Kirsten's hear-shaped face is wider at the forehead and cheekbones but much more narrow at the jawline, with a pointy chin. If your face is like hers, you want to cover up the top part of your face to make the contrast less visible. Choose side swept bangs, or just keep your hair around your face (don't tuck them behind your ears) which will make the forehead and cheeks appear slimmer. Kirsten went for poker straight strands, but you can opt for gentle waves, too. The length depends on you, but we love Kirsten's ultra chic collarbone-grazing strands.

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