Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012

Posted by Maggie on Thu, Jul 5th, 2012
Summer is fully upon us and we all feel it. Hot days and short nights make us want to feel sexy, trendy and cool. What better way to change your look than a new haircut, though? This season it's chop-chop-chop!

Pixie cuts can show off your face beautifully, expose your best features and conceal anything that you don't want to show to the world. They're perfect for the summer, since they require no or very little styling effort. In the mean time, they are feminine and elegant, suitable enough for formal occasions. You'll surely become the belle of the ball whether you wear them with you denim shorts or frilly cocktail dress.

If you're looking for pixie haircut ideas, here are our suggestions.

audrey Hepburn pixie haircut Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012

The timeless icon of a ultra feminine pixie haircut is of course Audrey Hepburn’s that we all adore and admire. Her gamine hairstyle was copied by women in the 60s but it can still be an inspiration for you. Audrey's haircut from the classic film 'Sabrina' sets off her huge eyes and exposes her long swan-like neck, while slightly tousled strands soften her square face. This haircut is great if you have  straight or wavy hair.

emma watson pixie haircut Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012

Emma Watson's new haircut caused quite a stir in 2010 when she cut her hair ultra short. Although she seems to have had a change of mind recently, we still love her sleek pixie look best. Choose this hairstyle if your face is oval like Emma's. It works best on straight hair.

 michelle Williams pixie haircut Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012 

Michelle Williams showed off her new cropped hair at the 84th Academy Awards. This hairstyle looks great on a round face and is the simplest to style – all you need after you've blown dried your hair, is a bit of lighthold hair spray to keep it neat and tidy all day.

  halle berry pixie haircut Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012  

Another super star, Halle Berry has been known for her preference for ultra short hair styles. This season she's wearing her very short pixie layered and ruffled. To recreate this look, apply a small blob of mousse before you blow dry your hair. Use your fingers to pull your hair up while you're drying it and finish off using styling paste to keep your hair from falling down. Layered pixie is best for curly or wavy hair.

 Anne Hathaway pixie haircut 2012 Pixie Haircut Ideas for Summer 2012

Anne Hathaway joined the pixie hair club with her new look. She cut her thick mane of dark hair for the film 'Les Miserables', which will come out later this year, but she said she was so pleased with her new hairstyle that she will be sticking to it for a while.

Sure, cutting your hair pixie short may seem like a drastic change, especially if you've been wearing your hair longer, but just make sure that you choose a trusted stylist who understands your needs and who won't push you to do the things you're not comfortable with. So? Are you ready yet?Just give it a go!

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