Rihanna’s many hairstyles

Posted by HairLady on Tue, Nov 20th, 2012
She might only be 24, but for years now Barbadian singer and actress Rihanna has been considered one of the most powerful celebrities and a style icon. She regularly gives the public a chance to go wild about her ever changing wardrobe and hair dos, and according to some sources is ready to pay for it through the roof; her hair stylist, Ursula Stephens, is said to receive over 3000 dollars per month. With us though, you don't have to spend a penny. For your inspiration we gathered the best and the most wearable hairstyles from a wide range that RiRi presented over the years of her career. She is lucky person with oval face, so almost any style looks good on her, and she readily chose this fact to try almost all possible variations of length, texture and colour. Which one will suit you best?


Long hair
Rihanna started her career far from being edgy. She proudly sported long wavy tresses, sometimes spiced up with highlights or extension, or side swept bangs and a lot of volume. This style is cute and flattering, a girl-next door look, perfect for a romantic date.
Rihanna long hair
When she played with long hair, she also experimented with texture and colour. The photo below presents her with a glossy smooth mass of rich red strands. This kind of hair is perfect when you want to make a statement. The rich red hue will not go unnoticed so be prepared to make heads turn.
Rihanna red straight hair
RiRi does not like to repeat herself, so even with long hair she often sported braids for an added variety. Here she chose a mermaid style with two French braids framing her face and then gathered into a simple braid that looks great flipped to the front over her shoulder. You'll find the easy tutorial for this braid and much more on pinterest.
Rihanna braided hair
Medium length
Mid length hair can be tricky to pull off, but not for our style chameleon. Here, she opted for a mass of natural tight curls and this wonderful ombre hue that makes her hair look so lovely and light.
Rihanna medium curly hairstyle
In a straight version of similar length RiRi is presenting a lazy chic, all thanks to her layered cut and  a bit-too-long bangs with a parting. Honey blond hue brightens up her face, and we all know that men prefer blonds!
Rihanna blonde medium hair
Mid length hair styles are not just meant for every day occasions, though. Rihanna knows how to shine at a formal event, too! She chose a very feminine and sexy wavy lob with a side parting and loads of shine to reveal her inner lady.
Rihanna medium hairstyle
Short hair
Undoubtedly, the short dos mark Rihanna's most edgy styles. Like the one below, with long, side-swept bangs and cropped sides. This hairstyle looks fantastically sharp on her, it's also very appropriate for round faces: asymmetrical cut and short sides make your face optically thinner.
Rihanna short haircut
RiRi's take at a classic bob that never goes out of fashion. Smooth and glossy Cleopatra-style cut is very easy to maintain with regular trimming and the long bangs will cover a high forehead, and will make you look sophisticated and elegant.
Rihanna bob haircut
Her most recent ultra short do,as usual caused a bit of a stir, and as usual has been copied by numerous fans all over the world. The short bob cut wonderfully frames her face and brings out Riri's eyes. We're looking forward to her next hair adventure! 
Rihanna short haircut 2012

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