Radiant Red of Short Hairstyle

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Oct 24th, 2007
Radiant Red of Short Hairstyle
Work it this autumn with a five-alarm red shade. A high-lift color applied to the roots pre-lightens hair, and then the vibrant demi-gloss shine achieves the ruby red hue. The cut, inspired by singer Kelis' edgy crop, is chopped short on one side while left longer on the other. Relaxed strands were Wrapped on the bottom, and rollers on the top section of the hair add height. Finish the style by running a flatiron through tresses to smooth. To maintain the style on your own, wrap hair at night; and if volume falls flat, put a roller or two on top of hair to restore.

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Selina P. Barua
Wed, Dec 19th, 2007, by Selina P. Barua
This style is lovely!    I have similar hair texture and volume.    I have been growing my hair in the back and I already have a lot of volume on the top but I think I am going to and cut my back and sides to sport this fabulous, elegant face framing hairstyle.    It's womany and yet youthful and stylish.
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Mon, Nov 12th, 2007, by monequieshinna
this is why she hot
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