Short Hair Cut for Woman

Posted by HairLady on Tue, Mar 14th, 2006
Are you one of those who consider women wearing tousled short haircuts (think Meg Ryan and Sharon Stone) to be confident and outgoing? A short hair cut will tell the world you mean business. It is assertive, confident, glamorous, and most of all stylish. Find out how to make a short hair cut work best for you.

Is a short hair cut for you? If you thrive on change you probably have a short hair cut already, if not ' remember this ' your hair will always grow back anyway!

Convenient and ease of care are the two major benefit of short hair styles. For people in the business world, they want something that looks professional but also easy to manage. Although it will vary from one style to another, in most cases, with short hair you can simply wash; add a little gel, towel dry or blow dry for a minute, and head out the door. Shampooing and conditioning takes just minutes and styling is a breeze. Again, the right haircut is crucial in that it will fall into place automatically without any fuss.

Short haircut styles also can be stylish, chic and sexy.  You could choose a cut that allows you to wear it trendy when out dancing at night and then polished for daytime wear. Face it; short hair is sensual and sexy! You can take an out-of-date look and completely change your appearance by cutting your hair short. In fact, most women that go from long to short hair are amazed at how much younger, and thinner they look. Short hair not only makes you look better but feel better. You will have more energy and vibrancy, sort of stepping light.

If you are tired of the same old thing with your hair day after day, and ready to make a chance, then this might be the right time to have your hair shortened. Just reminder yourself that if for some reason you are not happy with the cut, your hair will grow back but chance are, you will be more than thrilled with the result!

Just remember that wearing a short hairstyle does not mean looking like a boy, which is a huge concern for many women. Again, remember the following things to make your short hair look chic and stylish, not boyish:

Perm your hair to add volume, height, and curl Choose a new angle to create a trendy look Try different things with your haircut. For example, you might wear it spiked, slicked back with a strand to the side, or simply tousled. Have layers added to your hair Use hair jewelry or pins to pin it or pull it back Consider having your hair softened with a razor edge cut

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Mon, Jan 2nd, 2017, by Jeanne
Is there no bog about girls and ladies who dream to get tattooed ?
I would like to see a blog about females who are or were getting extesively tattooed !
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Tue, Jul 9th, 2013, by Ginny
A collegue of my husband and his wife were coming over for dinner one night. I had never met them yet.
The wife had her hair freshly clippered to less than a half inch. I looked good on her.
We had a nice dinner and after several drinks.
That night my husband commented that he thought the hair of that woman was very sexy.
About a month later we were invited to have dinner with them.
Again it was a very pleasant dinner and a lively conversation.
My husband complimented the lady with her clippered hair. Before I knew it we were somehow discussing how it would look on me. I had no intention of ever having it cut tat short though.
After some more drinks I found myself sitting on high chair and the host was clippering me....!
It was not until the next morning that I had a look in the mirror. I wanted to die !!
All my hair was gone and I had only very short hair on top of my head. My husband got some wax to put in it and now it stands up straight on my head, flat like a counter top...
My husband insists that I keep it like that ! I don't dare to leave the house now...!

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Thu, May 22nd, 2014, by Eugene
AS a man, I like to react to this. I, by far, prefer to see a woman with short clippered hair. Chemical manufactorer commercials are a dime a dozen. Shampoos, hairconditioners, I don't know what. A dozen (expensive) bottles with stuff... All they want is money..., money,...and money !
Having sex with a long haired woman is a pain in the neck ! In no time I am looking at their adams apple, unless you position them right away with their head against the headboard...
My date gets her hair cut short, or I dump them ! For me is the shorter the better ! I am presently dating a beautiful young woman, who now has a G.I. haircut! All shorn on the sides and flat on top! It looks fabulous! I love it! It is a great turn on and I personally take her every couple of weeks    to my barbershop !
Sex is unbelievable, she fully agrees with that !
The contrast makes her femeninety stand out more !
Sat, Jun 7th, 2014, by Floro
A wonderful story ! I love it !
Sun, Apr 21st, 2013, by Jeanne
I think that a beautiful woman will always be beautiful, never mind her hair
Long hair is beautiful, true, but what does it do for you?
Short hair is much sexier ! My husband one day took the scissors to my hair and cut it all off !! Short!!                                                                                    VERY short, then he took out his clippers and went to work on me with them. I hated him for it.
He clippered me until I had no more than a half inch of hair on my head. I could have killed him !!
I didn't want to have sex with him that night, but he adamant and I gave in....
It was fantastic !! He was like a new man !! He just didn't stop !!
The next day he took the long hair he had cut off and arranged it in beautiful curtain, fastened it to a board and put a frame around it. Long hair is beautiful, but short hair is sexy, he said, and hung it on the wall.
And now I say: Yes, it is true !    
By now I've had several styles of extra short haircuts and tomorrow we'll go to the barber again and I'll get a short flat brushcut. I'n nervous, I'm scared, but I am alticipating tomorrow night again !!!
You can keep your beautiful long hair, girls, I'll keep it super short !!
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Thu, Oct 10th, 2013, by Nora
Jeanne, you are absolutely right ! I found out the hard way that is is a great turn on for many men ! I have a flattop and it is an easy to maintain cut, but it is a very sexy one !
What do you like better, being beautiful or have a fantastic sex life??? I know what I want, never mind some negative remarks !
Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013, by Bep
To Lise: you would NEVER take it from your husband... Have you arranged a divorce lawyer yet?
I am staying married, complete with my flat top hair !!
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Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013, by Bep
My husband is the boss, he wants it and I like that! So he wanted me to get my hair cut. I wore a shaved nape for several years, had it cut once a month. He got hot looking and feeling it, I liked that !
lately he wanted me to get my hair cut in a severe flattop! Very short on the sides and back and very precisely cut flat on yop. No more than an inch on top! He likes it so I like it too.
Now what in hell is wrong with that ?? I like it, he likes it and what others think is their problem. So kindly shut up loudmouths !!
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Tue, Aug 21st, 2012, by Leonora
I like being sexually attractive, so I listen to my man and sex partner.
Because of him I had my hair cot into a man's flattop. It drives him crazy ! love that reaction. Now he wants me to get tattooed too.
We decided that I would get both my arms done. First only the upper arms, but in such a way, that later I can have it made into 'full sleeves'. The idea alone turns me on !
Trashy ? Like hell ! Some people think that sex is trashy, I love it !
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Tue, Jul 19th, 2011, by Tim
I loved my Wife with super long hair, and I was mad when she called me from the salon and told me she was cutting it all off. I said don't do it! She said too late. I said what's that noise, chainsaws? She said nope,CLIPPERS! I freaked, but when she came home she looked so hot I couldn't stay mad.
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Sun, May 22nd, 2011, by Leleka
I had very long, beautiful hair, I have been growing it out for so long, and was extremely proud of it, it was very think, straight, and shiny:) but then i needed chemotherapy treatment and was forced to cut my hair as it started falling out anyway and was falling out even more under its own weight. It was such a tragedy for me, but when I looked at my new pixie haircut I just fell in love with it!:)) i had it for around half a year now and not planning to go long again for a while:))) love it, it feels amazing and I feel ten times hotter than I did with my long sexy hair:)
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Neil Patrick
Mon, May 23rd, 2011, by Neil Patrick
Bravo to you Leleka! I am glad that you are well now. I am sure that you look quite modern with your "sexy" short pixie haircut.
Neil Patrick
Tue, Nov 16th, 2010, by Neil Patrick
My wife just cut her long (past her shoulders and almost half way down her back) very short (pixie like above her ears, short in back with a little fringe on the bottom and longer on top and in front). Sh looks fantastic. She looks younger, fresher and hasn't stopped getting extraordinary praise. She is very happy and has extra spring in her step and feels really great about her self despite the dramatic change. She is middle aged, but is very attractive with high cheek bones, pretty smile and olive complexion. She is quite sexy, if I may say so.
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Donna Carlson
Tue, Feb 1st, 2011, by Donna Carlson
I think it's awesome how supportive you are. I just turned 60 and have a really round face, I think it's time to shorten my hair and enjoy a fresh, new look.
Mon, Feb 21st, 2011, by vidhya
good :) ur wife must b lucky to get u into her life :)
Thu, May 5th, 2011, by dakshayani
It is true that for some woman the short hair cut suits and also it looks that age of that oman is reduced half.Realy ur wife is lucky.
Thu, May 22nd, 2014, by Jeane
You may say so, Neil ! I have a very, very short haircut. Why they call it a man's haircut, I don't understand, because it makes me look so godawful female, that I get hit on constantly.
Never agin long hair for me !
Thu, Nov 11th, 2010, by KINS
please tell me, where the good free photos / videos of women haircutting either at barber shop/home.
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Fri, Mar 21st, 2014, by Gene
Check it out on internet ! Tons of photo's, video's, stories and comments !
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