6 Ways To Style Short Haircut, As Modeled By Vanessa Hudgens

Posted by hairlover on Fri, Mar 2nd, 2012
Mix up your short hairstyle by taking cues from Vanessa Hudgens!

Vanessa Hudgens famously cut off her long, bohemian locks in July last year. Even though she said she was not a fan of her new short pixie haircut, she made it work.
Time after time, she managed to look fabulous with her short hair styled in different ways, proving that short haircut can be just as much fun as a longer one.
For round-faced girls who are searching for new ways to style short hair, Vanessa Huygens is you hair muse, she never fails to give you styling inspiration.
Here are some of Vanessa Hudgens’ best short haircuts so far, take a look and tell us which one do you like best.

Vanessa Hudgens short pixie haircut

1. Spiked Up

Vanessa Hudgens dramatically hacked off her long locks for a movie role in July and does look so different now. This tousled short pixie gives Vanessa a more mature and classic look.

Adding height through the roots to add volume and lengthen face shape makes this haircut round face shape-friendly, and it works best on women with thick, naturally wavy hair.

Vanessa Hudgens short haircut with bangs

2. Fun & Flirty Fringe

After getting used to her newly cropped short hair for awhile, Vanessa changed up her style with a soft sweep of wispy bangs.

Her side-swept bangs flatter her round face perfectly, making her eyes pop while giving the young star a youthful, vibrant and flirty look.

Vannessa Hudgens short hair with curls

3. Short Is Sexy

Now a pro at knowing how to turn heads by styling her short pixie cut differently, Vanessa wowed us again rocking this retro finger waves.

With its 1940s feel, this style is perfect for any special occasion.



Vanessa Hudgens short updo haircut

4. Messy Yet Elegant

Here at the 2012 People's Choice Awards Vanessa demonstrated yet another way of how to style short hair for formal occasions. Her thick hair was worked with volume at the roots, then pinned back.

Vannessa Hudgens medium bob haircut

5. Shoulder-Length and Chic

Vanessa grows her “soccer mom” short hair to shoulder-length and shows off a shaggy new bob at the Cirque De Soleil's Iris premiere.

  Vanessa Hudgens tousled bob haircut

6. Tousled and Flirty

Here is another version of Vanessa’s medium length bob haircut.
Featuring center part and tousled texture, this bob haircut makes Vanessa looking ultra flirty yet youthful.

Simple yet classic, bob haircut works for everyone regardless of hair type or face shape, making it a great style never out of trend. If ever you’re growing out your hair, look to Vanessa’s chic bob as a way to get through any awkward phase.




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bla bla bla.. its very bad.. i want straight haircut ( long ) like selena gozmes..
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