A Romantic Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hair

Posted by Jessica on Mon, Nov 15th, 2010
Having no wedding hairstyle ideas? Me too! Luckily I happen to catch sight of the following picture while searching desperately on the internet. Look at this romantic wedding hairstyle for long hair. How sophisticated and feminine! I love it and figure out the simple steps to achieve it as follows:

(source: http://www.prohaircut.com/Updos_72304.html)

If you have long straight hair, to create this hairstyle, you need a curling iron, several pins and small black bands. Steps:

1. wash hair and blow dry, apply some serum on hair
2. curl lower half of the hair (use a spring 1' curling iron), leaving upper half straight
3. part upper half into 5 small sections from the bottom layer, secure each section with black bands, leaving right side bangs and lower half hair fall down
4. grab the upper front section and wrap it into a small loose knot (the key point is to make it bouffant), securing it on the top of the head with pins
5. grab the rest sections and braid down loosely to the nape of the neck
6. gather all locks and roll into a ponytail, wrap the end and secure with a black band into a round tight knot
7. brush hair gently to create sort of bouffant feel

Done! It works great on oval and heart faces, making features stand out.
With this romantic wedding hair  'do, you are sure to dazzle on your special day!

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