Clipper Over Comb

Posted by HairLady on Thu, May 25th, 2006
Clipper Over Comb

Tools you may need:

  1. Finishing clippers
  2. Thin taper comb
  3. Thinning shears
  4. Clipper
  1. Guide section: with clipper-comb flat and on base, pull two inches of hair through comb. Run clipper smoothly along comb to cut. Using comb height as guide cut three section up side of head.
  2. Continue to next guide section at top of ear. Pull hair through comb. Then cut.
  3. Move up by height of comb. Clipper-cut three sections.
    Note: Keep hair damp for cleaner cut without flying hair.
  4. Proper clipper-over-comb technique: hold with forefinger on top and thumb on bottom of comb. Position comb flat and on base. Pull hair to be removed through comb. To cut, smoothly run clipper flat across comb.
  1. Cut guide for bottom back neckline.
    Note: Always cut against growth pattern.
  2. Move by height of comb. Then cut next section.
    Note: Always keep clipper inside comb. (No bald spot, please!)
  3. Continue cutting up back to occipital bone. Start bringing comb out from hand, leaving hair longer. Cut four total sections.
  4. Top of head: starting at crown, cut guide section.
    Note: at top cutting position, clipper points down into comb.
  1. From crown to front hairline, cut each section according to height of comb ' four section totals.
  2. Use finishing clippers to trim sideburns, around ear and side neckline.
  3. Use thin taper comb and finishing clippers to cut bottom back neckline.
    Note: Use clipper-over-comb technique to tape neckline shorter.
  4. Use thinning shears and thin taper comb to texturize bottom neckline.
    Note: Use thinning=shears-over-comb technique on ends of entire cut to remove clipper lines and polish cut.

This style can be found in Technical Volume 37!



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