The best red carpet hair from the Golden Globes 2013

Posted by Maggie on Tue, Jan 15th, 2013
We all love the glamour and styles of big galas and even if most of us might never be able to be a part of the live show, it shouldn't stop us from bringing the sparkle of the world of rich and famous to our lives.
From this years Golden Globes awards we chose what each and every one of us can recreate at home to feel like a star every day.

Sexy Taylor
the Golden Globes 2013 best hairstyle  Taylor Swift

We love Taylor – in straight or curly hair, with bangs or without, she is always lovely. This time, however, she looked absolutely smoking hot with her hair pulled back off her face and neck. To do it at home you need to blow dry your hair straight first to make sure no loose strands are spoiling the sleek do. If you have bangs you need to pin your hair off your face at this stage. The next step is simply tucking your hair under. And voilà, beautiful Old Hollywood style do, ready in minutes!
Sublime Anne
 Anne Hathaway best hairstyle of the Golden Globes 2013
Another stunning presence on the red carpet was the winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award, Anne Hathaway. Her simple hairstyle completed the elegance of her gorgeous white gown. Anne has been sporting a short haircut for a while, only slightly altering it. This time she let her bangs grow a bit longer and simply swept it aside letting a few strands out. Texturizing product will allow you to achieve similar result at home. Remember to use your hands, not the brush, to style your hair and opt for a hair dryer with a diffuser to for this lovely and natural hair do. 
Edgy Julianne
 best hairstyle of the Golden Globes 2013  Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough got mixed reaction but we think her up-do gave her this extra edge balancing the romantic dress she was wearing that night. To steal her style we recommend using a volumizing product that will help to lift your roots. Work from the top of your head towards the front gently backcombing your hair and pinning half of it left and and half of it right for the twisted mohawk effect. Tease the sides, divide the hair in two and pin it back. You only need to pull a few thin strands to give your do more texture and use a bit of hairspray to hold the hair in place throughout the night. In a word – stunning! 
Glamorous J. Lo
J. Lo best hairstyle of the Golden Globes 2013
We can always trust J. Lo to pull it off in style every time she makes a public appearance, and sure enough she did not let us down this time, either. Her hair was carefully styled in the retro waves but she tweaked her do by pinning it on the side to give it a bit of edge and show off her beautiful features. We recommend using hot rolls to achieve similar results. To keep your hair extra glam just run your hands through it , add some shiner to accentuate the romantic curls and you're ready to rock it like J. Lo!
Feminine Jessica 
 best hairstyle of the Golden Globes 2013 Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain brought with her the '20s inspired retro do. Her pale blue gown was a fantastic background for the magnificent tangerine hue and mermaid waves she was sporting at the gala. To do it at home you will need a good mousse and volumizing serum to protect your hair. Blow dry it with the help of a round brush and take out your curling iron to work out these curls. The next step is creating the centre parting and slicking the sides back to show off your face, and you are guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go. 

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