Jessica Biel's Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Posted by HairLady on Fri, Nov 20th, 2009
Jessica Biel's Low Ponytail  Hairstyle
Jessica Biel wearing low ponytail hairstyle at the premiere of Sony Pictures' Planet 51 at the Village Theater. Mod ponytail with face-framing curls. Best for long curls hairstyle.

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Wed, Apr 21st, 2010, by bigjerktoday
why do they take photos of these women and call it "ponytail hairstyle".    It's not a hairstyle, it's a messy through your hair back in a ponytail holder and go to the store or gym.    These are not well thought out or time wasting styles that they planned on having photos taken of let alone to be copied.    Their hair is a mess and because they are "famous" they're suddenly worthy of being duplicated but I'd be mortified if I were them or laughing my ass of, most likely the latter, that anyone would want to copy this.    Apparently people are bigger sheep than even I give them credit for, sad sad sad.    As is my mood, sad that I'm wasting my time doing this.    Call it premenstral. yikes
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Sun, Dec 13th, 2009, by alex
love this! it's so simple but really cute at the same time.
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