Perfectly Undone

Posted by HairLady on Wed, May 24th, 2006
Perfectly Undone

Tools you may need:

  1. Shears
  2. Comb
  3. Styling clippers
  4. Blow-dryer

Styling products:

  1. Texturizing gel
  2. Light styling wax
  1. Begin with ear-to-ear section across back.
  2. Pull subsection straight out from middle of back section, fingers perpendicular to floor. Cut guide at desired length. Important: leave some perimeter weight for later. Continue around head with traveling guide, pulling hair straight out.
  3. Where hairline slants toward ear, overdirect hair straight back to maintain perimeter length.
  4. Take next section across back just above ears.
  1. Continue taking vertical section, finger perpendicular to floor. Follow guide from lower section. Where hairline slants toward ear overdirect hair back to same point as in Step 3.
  2. Continue taking sections up back. Important: always pull sections straight out with vertical fingers.
  3. To connect sides: take horizontal section from the back of ear to temple. Take entire section up and parallel to parting, using length as back of ear, cut guide for sides.
  4. Using same parting, pull out sections with vertical fingers. Cut, following guide from Step 7. To complete sides: comb top section toward each side in turn. Continue taking vertical sections, fingers perpendicular to floor. Connect to lower section. Slightly overdirect front of hair back to maintain length around face. Skip bangs.
  1. Work through top section back to front. Connect sides straight across top. Point-cut to create texture. To connect back with top: work around head, point-cutting to remove corner and to create texture and movement.
  2. In front, connect shortest point from top to length of bangs, Note: Point-cutting will remove weight and maintain length.
  3. To finish front: hold various pieces of hair with fingers. Sides-cut to create highly textured look. Continue slide-cutting throughout top to generate movement.
  4. To soften look of sides around ears: use comb to pick up hair. Then point-cut to remove weight.
  1. Continue slide-cutting around perimeter to create desired texture.
  2. To create softer hairline look: life perimeter out of way when trimming back of neck.
    To style: use texturizing gel or light styling wax. Rough-dry with blow-dry. Shape dried pieces with wax around face.

This style can be found in Technical Volume 37!



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Fri, Nov 14th, 2008, by sssddds
tomatoes are good for adding a shine to your hair that doesnt look "greasy"
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Sun, Jun 22nd, 2008, by Catie
This is a brutill hair cut you know that, he is very very very very    very     very very very very very very very very very     ugly and i perfer better ones. thanks
very very very very very very
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Wed, Apr 16th, 2008, by shahzad
i can much better and could be given much beter look or result
. sorry to say
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Tue, Aug 28th, 2007, by Ana
this haircut defnately suits him. he looks alot more cleaned up and you could see alot more of his face which he shouldn't be at all hiding.
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Mon, Jul 9th, 2007, by HENRY WINKLER
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Qasim Omer Butt
Fri, May 18th, 2007, by Qasim Omer Butt
My Name Is Qasim Omer butt I am doing JOb    as a Hair Dresser i am doing very hard work but some time i m confused about my work infact these kind of cuttings not commen in our country so when our clint required this kind of cutting so we will not satisfied them so please can u sendding me this kind of more internet sides who gives us more knoledge about cutting . thank you very much for educate us..
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Sat, May 12th, 2007, by panjkaj
I am interested in knowing more in your speciality


pankaj, CLOUDBAY
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Fri, Apr 27th, 2007, by jaydeep
it's good hair cut.
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