Posted by Linette Arroyo on Mon, Jun 20th, 2011
I've cut my hair with a razor comb, it gives it a cool texture. I've cut the back short with lots of layers n the front long with side bangs. Divided my hair thru the middle n died it bubble gum pink. ;)

Divide your hair as if your ganna do bangs but a little higher around 4 1/2 to 5inches from where your hair starts on your ford head goin up. Divided straight down towards the ears and tie it. Then at the back cut hair as short as you want and with a razor comb start running it 3inches away from head n slide the razor goin down, repeat all thru the back until u see lots of layers. after thats done divide the front hair and cut sum side bags but cut as layers towards the side then with the razor just lightly 3inches away from head and slid cut just a bit. Color if u like by dividing the fron into 3 n just color the middle part of hair and your done. Please cut your hair when is dry and straighten it makes it easier :)


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