Cute Pixie Cuts for Summer 2015

Posted by HairLady on Wed, Jul 1st, 2015
Feeling sweaty? Tired of spending tons of time drying your hair in the summer heat? Wanna try something cool for the hot season? If you answered yes to any, or all of these questions, you are in for a treat with us. Our answer is, you guessed it, the pixie cut!
It will let your neck breathe and keep you cool, you will be ready to go out in a flash and it is the hottest,and coolest! look of the season, as evidenced by film and music stars that we have chosen to inspire your pixie dreams.
Chic pixie
Kate Mara
Kate Mara surprised us recently by hopping on the pixie wagon and looking absolutely gorgeous with her auburn hair slightly longer, neatly swept to the side, not too low on her forehead and tucked behind her ear. This kind of pixie stylisation is a perfect choice for you favourite office hairstyle, but it will look equally elegant at a hot date! 
Does it sharpen you appetite for your own pixie?
Edgy pixie
Pink edgy pixie
Pink has been a proud player of the pixie team since … well, as far as the memory takes us. So, if you don't know whether you will be able to stick to your pixie for longer, turn to her for a proof that the pixie cut might just turn out to be your life-cut. Her pixie is a bit more naughty with a visibly shorter sides and an almost-straight bangs that can be pushed to the side if need be. A great pixie cut if you are feeling a bit more edgy! 
Fantasy pixie
Scarlett Johansson fantasy pixie
The undercut pixie that Scarlett Johansson is sporting in our picture is the ultimate bad girl hairstyle. The super short hair in the back and on the sides are juxtaposed with the long top that can be styled in a dozen ways, depending on your creativity! Scarlett chose to have to the top pulled up and back with a fantastic pompadour-like curl. But nothing stops you from adding some spikiness or combing it to the side if that strikes your fancy. The sky is the limit for your pixie! 
Naughty pixie
Miley Cyrus naughty pixie haircut 2015
Miley Cyrus chose a pixie cut when she was breaking up with her good-girl image, and she never looked back! If that is what you want to do, too, we recommend following her lead. You can spice up your pixie with braids, glitter, bold colours and lots and lots of texture. Just don't let anybody persuade you that pixie cut is boring!  

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