Cute Short Hairstyles for Spring 2015

Posted by HairLady on Fri, Mar 20th, 2015
Pink breeze
Nicle Richie pixie haircut 2015
Our favourite fashionista, Nicle Richie has found a nice update to her adorable pixie cut. The pink hue really brightens her whole look, and that's what we want to see more in spring!. We love the darks roots that give this hairstyle a bit of depth, but most of all we love the picey cut: it's a bit shorter on the bottom with longer, well layered top and sides. It's easy as pie to style it into a wind-swept look that would be perfect for the spring.
Tousled pixie
Lily Collins  pixie short haircut
Lily Collins has given us her latest take on her short hairdo and we adore absolutely everything about it – cropped back, layered top with a side part, tousled texture with just the right amount of volume. It's a no fuss cut that will have you looking stylish in minutes! 
 Bang-ing play
Karine Vanasse haircut
If you want your hair short but it's difficult for you to give up the length that you worked so hard for, one thing that you can do is ask your stylist to leave your bangs much longer than the rest of your hair. Longer bangs will allow you to style your hair in many different ways: you can curl them, sweep them low to the side to cover your forehead, or, like Karine Vanasse slick the sides and style the bangs in a mohawk-inspired do. 
Feminine crop
Rita Ora
Rita Ora is a walking proof that short hair can look ultra feminine and sexy. To achieve similar results you need to leave some length at the front and go easy on the layers. Your hair will look smooth and polished, especially tucked under one ear with the rest grazing your eyes. This hairstyle will make you feel gorgeous  no matter where you are and what you do.

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