Hot chops 2013 – you inspiration to short summer hair

Posted by Maggie on Wed, May 29th, 2013
Short hair in the summer is what you need to feel cool, sexy and beautiful all day, and night, long! Check out the celebrities below who decided to go for a chop and tell us which one will be your inspiration.


1)Carey's classic short bob
Carey's classic short bob
The Great Gatsby is hitting the top places in box offices all around the world and reminding us of the hairstyles from that time. The signature look of the '20s is no doubt the short bob with a cute side fringe worn here by Carey Mulligan. The best thing about this do is how versatile it is : you can wear it sleek for the ultimate sexy look; you can add a sparkly pin, or a simple hair band for more of the '20's feel; or add a bit of texture to transform it into a casual version. You choose!
2)Miley's modern pixie haircut
Miley's modern pixie haircut
Miley Cyrus has been experimenting with her hair for a while, and she had various ups and downs along the way. Recently, though, she seems to have hit the sweet spot with her new short and modern do. Her hair is cropped on the sides and styled up and back at the front to elongate her round face. Even her dark roots and platinum hue work great here giving her this extra edge. You have to love the way this girl looks!
3)Jessie J's bold crop
Jessie J's bold crop
If you are ready for a huge change have a look at what the judge of 'The Voice' surprised us with. Buzz cut that Jessie J opted for is definitely a statement that not everyone is ready for. She did it for charity, but she says that she plans to keep her hair short for a while. She's been experimenting with colour beaching it recently, which shows that you still have options if you decide to go for it, too.  What do you think – yay or nay for the ultimate cut?
4)Audrey's romantic cut 
Audrey's romantic cut
The French actress, Audrey Tatou, is known for her romantic short do, and in Cannes she did not disappoint us. Her hair looks natural and dreamy, with her locks tousled freely around her face. To add texture to your hair, forget the comb or brush and use only your fingers to create the soft waves  that will fantastically frame your face making you look young and fresh.
5)Ginnifer's punk do
Ginnifer's punk do
Faithful to the pixie crop, Ginnifer Goodwin gives us a new take on short hair with this gorgeous do from Met Gala. She definitely fit in the punk theme of the party: her hair looks carelessly crunched and casually swept to the front. But don't be fooled, this texture requires a good product and some patience to work that well without falling flat down, especially with Ginnifer's thinner hair. This is a more naughty alternative to this cut that can obviously be worn smooth and sleek on a day when you do not feel that adventurous.

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Thu, Jul 25th, 2013, by Jenny
love Miley's pixie!
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