Mid-length Ideas (not only) for Blondes

Posted by HairLady on Mon, May 18th, 2015
Summer is the best time to choose blond if you've been hesitating until now. After all the sun works like a natural highlighting agent, right? Besides, your lighter hue will look absolutely gorgeous with tanned skin. If you don't know how to choose your haircut, we suggest going for a no-fuss mid-length: you can style your hair in many different ways (hello sleek pony on a bad hair day!) and , most importantly, it won't matter too much if you wait a little longer with your stylist appointment. Pick your favourite colour and cut from among our favourite celebrity blondes!
1. Taylor Swift's bang-on cut
Taylor Swift's bang-on cut
Taylor's signature ash blond lob was upgraded with really long, eye-grazing bangs, lots of volume on top and delicate face-framing waves
Who is it for? High-forehead and long faced ladies (bangs will shorten your face).  Anyone who is in a mysterious mood.
2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's tousled waves
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's tousled waves
Rosie's blond hair tone with darker roots and chunky highlights aka surf girl look is perfectly complimented by her beachy waves with a lot of texture and side part.
Who is it for? Beach lovers who want to channel their inner sex bomb (if sea water is not readily available we suggest using sea salt spray to help you achieve a similar level of waviness)
3. Sarah Hyland's blunt bob
Sarah Hyland's blunt bob
Sara's finally found her most flattering do! Fresh, choppy cut does wonders for her round face and the wispy blond highlights are a great choice for the summer weather.
Who is it for? Short, round faced gals who want to slim up and keep up with the latest fashion trends at the same time.
4. Reese's Witherspoon's wind-swept curls
Reese's Witherspoon's wind-swept curls
Reese's as always perfect blond looks especially lovely paired with voluminous but relaxed waves that look as if they were finger combed in the wind. 
Who is it for? Anyone who is feeling (or wanting to feel) relaxed  and who is able to carry off a little messiness in the hair department.

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