Miley Cyrus Funky Short Haircut From Every Angle

Posted by Carmen on Thu, Aug 30th, 2012
“Never felt more me in my whole life” – that’s how the young singer and actress feels about her new haircut, according to her recent Twitter posts. “So happy, pretty and free”, it’s clear that the newly engaged star is really in love with her short pixie haircut.
If you are brave enough to try it, here are photos of her chic ‘do from every angle, get ready to shine!

Miley Cyrus 2012 Funky Short Haircut From front and back side
Front: The front of the hairstyle shows off asymmetrical lengths and the left side is much longer than the right. The left side part has slight bangs which fall to the eyebrows level, giving the front of the hairdo length and also the ability of versatile styling options. A textured finish gives a boyish look, and adds a cool factor to the blonde crop.
Back: This short hairstyle looks a bit different from the back than from the front. The hair is heavily chipped into ends which add a very textured finish. From the crown to the top-back part of the neck the lengths are sliced to put in place a voluminous appearance to the hairstyle. At the very bottom the hair is heavily cut giving to the hairdo a chic and edgy finish.

Miley Cyrus 2012 Funky Short Haircut From sides
Right Side and Left Side: Both sides are cut short and tapered, leaving just some fringes with a certain length, bringing out a playful and fun side of Miley. The boyish effect of the hairdo is given by the short textured lengths. But the undercut isn’t too short, which keeps the cut looking fresh, fun and funky.

This short hairdo works for all types of face shapes. Being super simple to style, even in those days when you’re too busy to go to the hairdresser or to spend more than a few minutes in front of the mirror, this short haircut is great for those busy women to go out of the door in a flash in the morning. And it is great for edgy gals who are brave enough to win the spotlight from a crowd of long- haired women.


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