Olivia Wilde: Best Hairstyles for a Square Face

Posted by hairlover on Wed, May 9th, 2012
We show you what are the best haircuts and why they work for a square face.

“I have square face shape, please suggest me the best haircuts.” Since this is a common question asked by readers frequently, I decided to ask my stylist Jack to answer it.

Have no idea what your face shape is? Figure it our here.

"For square shapes, it's all about softening the angles and adding length." says Jack. “Texture, in the form of curls or choppy ends, side-swept bangs as well as crown height do this brilliantly.”
To better illustrate, he chooses Olivia Wilde (a classic square face) as an example, demonstrating what hairstyles work best with square faces.

Side-swept bangs vs. blunt-cut bangs
Olivia Wilde Bangs hairstyle for square face shapes
The soft side-swept bangs are almost a must have for square faces, as they not only hide the wide forehead, but also help offset the angular shape of jaw line.

Up or down, Olivia Wilde's hairstyles with side-swept bangs are very flattering; while on the contrary, the blunt bangs are boring, making her face appear much more square.

Obviously, side-swept bangs are a good fit for square faces; Olivia Wilde should stay loyal to side- swept bangs!

Curly vs. straight
Olivia Wilde curly vs straight hairstyle
“Large, loose and soft curls work especially well for women with square faces, as texture hair softens a strong jaw, and makes your head and face look smaller.” says Jack.

For better comparison, he shows the pictures of Olivia with the same bangs.
The difference is clear: Cascading curls give Olivia’s style a soft and sexy appeal; on the opposite, the straight style is too sharp for her, making her face appear much larger that it actually is.
It’s no doubt that the actress looks better with curly hairstyles.
Olivia culry hairstyle with swept bangs

Bonus: Volumnized, loose curls are especially great paired with side-swept bangs for a square face. This look on Olive is perfect!



Voluminous vs. flat
Yikes, this isn't a good look for Olivia Wilde! Pulling all her hair back makes
Wilde’s face look even more square, flat and ungraceful. This severe topknot is a typical “don’t” for square faces.

But this doesn’t mean girls with square face should stay away from up hairstyles like updos, ponytails or buns. By adding height and volume at the crown, you can switch a hairstyle from flat to flattering in no time.

And here below, Wilde demonstrates how a simple change can make a hairstyle better flatter your square face.Olivia Wilde up hairstyles
Featuring extra height and volume at the crown, these up hairstyles help elongate a square face, making it seems more oval. Olive looks vibrant, young and chic!

Extra note: Consider a side part, rather than a middle part, which also softens angular features.

Get any inspirations?  Which of these Olivia Wilde hairstyles would you most like to copy?
Tell us blow in the comments.

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